The theme for this month is “Simplify”. Perfect for the new year, eh? How many of us swear we are going to get rid of stuff and not buy more than we need. easier said than done. Especially for me. I find myself intrigued with the new Extreme Minimalism.

Check out the Cult of Less.

I’m not sure what I think of this sort of extreme lifestyle. To me it seem obvious that it is a way of life that can only be lived by the unattached, the young and the non-knitter.  Still, when I read this BBC article, I couldn’t help but be fascinated. However, on the other hand it seems the new minimalism is more an avoidance of responsibility. I mean, if you’re relying on friends to provide you a bed, it just seems as if you’re avoiding a great part of adulthood. And I would think your personal relationships will suffer.

What would it be like to have so few possessions? What would happen to our economy if more people lived this way? Is it possible to sustain a life in this manner? I mean, for an experiment is one thing, but can it be a lifestyle? Personally, I can accumulate stuff standing in a vacuum. It just seems as though getting rid of stuff becomes as much a time-suck as living around it. I don’t think it is coincidence that there are scads television shows and books all based on getting rid of crap.

Still, even though I am certain extreme minimalism is not the life for me, I can learn from them. I have a lot of magazines that I keep because they have instructions for things I would like to make. I am now in the process of transferring them all to electronic media. The added bonus is that I can categorize like items in files.  I’m planning on keeping these items on flash drives. They’re small and pretty reliable for storing media.

What ideas are you taking from the minimalist lifestyle?


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