Better Body: Kettlebells

Been working out regularly since April of this year. Three of us from work have formed Team Hardcore. Our only rule is not to go more than two days without a work out. We’ve been rather faithful.

I started out with elliptical machine for 20-40 minutes with zumba and yoga once a week. Once I learned that weights help you build muscle which, in turn, helps you burn calories more efficiently even when you’re not exercising, I had to add weights.

I keep the routine pretty loosey-goosey. I’m not one who can keep the same routine day in and out. I have to be able to change it up according to mood. I also like the most amount of calories burned in the least amount of time. So weights, being that muscle mass will help me to burn calories even at rest, was a no-brainer. It worked! My body changed faster with the addition of weights.

Then I found out about kettlebells.

I read a story in a book or magazine about a woman who had over 100 pounds to lose. She started working out, machines and such, just as I did. As her body started changing and she became more fit, she wanted to keep up the rapid pace of weight loss and tone her arms and legs. She started doing kettlebells and a 15-20 minute workout yielded arms like Michelle Obama’s. Sold!

Check YouTube for kettlebell videos to get started. There’s a lot of really bad ones out there, but be patient and search for one that shows you the proper stance and form for at least 3 exercises.


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