50/50 Movie #2: Her Minor Thing

Sometimes I think I have some sort of mini-stroke when it comes to selecting movies for my Netflix instant queue.  There are always a number of movies I don’t remember ever selecting, or even ones I’ve seen before and have no desire to ever see again. Her Minor Thing was one such movie.  It seemed lighthearted enough to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

It stars a bunch of people I’ve never heard of (except for Victoria Jackson from SNL fame who is now a raving loony of a birther) in roles too flat to drum up any kind of interest. It appears to have been written in the early 90s with the reference to “dial-up modem” yet, the characters have cell phones of modern size.  Wholly annoying, that.

The premise of the film is the lead character – I’ve forgotten her name and it’s not worth looking up, so I’ll just refer to her as “Sally”, is outed by her newscaster boyfriend of dubious charm, as a virgin. The rest of the movie is all about how everyone, even strangers on the street, reacts.

It’s boring, silly and not worth the 1.5 hours air time.


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