Better Fitness: Zumba

I’ve always said if I could just dance all the time, I wouldn’t have a weight problem.  Every so often I will look up dance studios and try to find classes but either the cost is prohibitive or the times aren’t right or the types of classes offered in the evenings just aren’t good for me.  Last March I joined 24 Hour Fitness with some friends and the agreement that we would not go more than two days without hitting the gym.

Here it is almost a year later and, while I keep managing to lose and gain the same 6 pounds (I’m choosing not to dwell on that), I am wearing clothes that did not fit a year ago. My routine is this:

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: short workout, cardio (usually 30 minutes on the elliptical, interval)
Friday: no workout – go dancing
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest with yoga in the evening if I feel like it.

I need to fit in another day of weights. The most logical place to put it is on Saturday, but I always feel so languid after yoga that I don’t want to lose that bendy-loosey feeling. Sure, I could do weights before yoga, but let’s get real. I barely make the 11am class. Or I could count Friday as cardio and do weights on Thursday instead. I tried this last week, and it was okay.  It’s just that I get to the gym late on that day and weights seem a little, for lack of a better word, heavy at 8pm.

My Zumba class on Monday is a little insane.  The first time we took it, I thought I was gonna die. It’s so beyond high impact, I can barely describe it. I was waiting to write this post until a video that was shot in my class was available, but it’s been a long while and no vid.  I found one on YouTube featuring my instructor, but it doesn’t really give a true picture of the intensity of the class.  I was talking to one of the people taking the class (we get in line about 40 minutes early) and she had mentioned wearing a Body Bugg during one of Alicia’s classes and the calorie burn is in the 900 calorie range as compared to the typical 600-700 calorie that’s advertised.

It’s a fun workout. Emphasis on the “workout”.  I’ve burned so many calories that I’m starving when I get home. I eat food while I’m preparing food! It’s good cardio and helps build your stamina. However, I have a difficult time doing other instructor’s classes because they don’t seem to move fast enough for me. I think this is the reason why a bunch of people in my Monday class follow her all around San Diego to wherever she’s teaching.



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