50/50 Movie #3: The Muppets

If you were a fan of The Muppets growing up then you totally need to see this movie. If you weren’t a fan, please go elsewhere. I have no use for you.

Seriously, I was a HUGE Muppets fan. The humor was quick but layered – kids would laugh, adults would laugh, it was great programming.  The whole gang is back with Jason Segel and Amy Adams and a whole cool slew of guest stars. Gonzo and his chickens are back. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are back. Scooter and Beaker are back. And everyone is funny.

I loved it. Even though I was sitting next to a girl who said, “what the?” EVERY time a new character came on screen.  Even though I ran out of snacks before the end of the trailers. Even though they didn’t do Pigs in Space. Go see it!

Here’s the Muppet version of Bohemian Rhapsody to tide you over until you get to the theater.


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