Etsy Alternatives (Marketing Strategy)

There are lots of online marketplaces out there for selling handmade items. I think it pays to look them over, even though I’ve settled on Etsy for my online storefront. A lot of people have stayed away from Etsy because of the listing and selling fees. And while I do think you need to take that into consideration, the primary motivation for me is that Etsy is much more well-known by the average, non-crafting person. Make sure you check out the stats on unique visitors per month.

Still, I want to know what’s out there and I do find it interesting to see what is selling/being made outside of the US.

Zibbet –

Artfire –

Da Wanda, based in Germany –

Australia’s Made It –

PapernStitch –

Here is link to a blog post that compares the alternatives:

I wonder if it’s worth it to have listings in several places. From what I’ve gathered on Etsy forums, people there were initially please with ArtFire, saying they were getting more sales and traffic, but that talk seems to have died off sharply.  But maybe that’s because the Etsy admins were tired of people hawking another site on their forums. Still, when I look at the number of visitors, it’s clear that Etsy is the winner here.  But if you are regularly attending shows and getting your shop out there, you have your own well-trafficked online store and you’ve written an top-selling book or something, you don’t have to work as hard at getting yourself known as some of us do.

Regardless, it’s good information to have handy. Learn and live, right?



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