50/50 Book #1: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

I’m hooked. Donald Miller has an easy writing style that I adore, one that is often so hard to come by. Simplistic, but honest and sometimes painful. I was only halfway through his bestseller, Blue Like Jazz, when I was ordering three more of his titles.

The book talks about Miller’s friends and life experiences, mostly in the Oregon area, with candor and wit and each chapter reveals a new layer of his personal journey. I loved the quirkiness of his friends and the portrait he paints of Portland. So much so, that I decided to add it to my stops on my planned road trip to the Pacific Northwest later this year.  (That, and those gorgeous exterior shots on Grimm plus a years long desire to visit Powell’s Books).

Anyhoo… Back to Blue. The book explores a Jesus based spirituality that focuses on love and acceptance, rather than the more publicized judgement and condemnation which, quite frankly, never sat well with me. There are so many similarities between the author and myself, I often thought someone had plagiarized my journals. Is there such a thing as a life-doppelganger?

The book is a quick read, perfect for a flight or a weekend.  It’s deep subject matter, but it doesn’t bog you down so that you wallow in your own self-doubts and shortcomings like so much Christian non-fiction these days.

I would recommend this to anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. Plus it is going to be a movie soon, so maybe I can hit this for a 50/50 movie entry as well!



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