It used to be that every woman with a sewing basket had a serviceable pincushion. Probably the most popular from my mother’s day is the tomato pincushion with the little strawberry filled with steel wool attached. That was supposed to keep your needles clean so they flowed through your fabric easier. Never really worked for me though – I would leave my needles in there and next thing you know I’ve got rusty needles. Probably left them in there too long.

I have my grandmothers old pincushion and it is a little pillow of embroidered felt. The embroidery is little flowers and French knots – very feminine looking. I’ve some similar looking ones on Etsy. Check out Sea Pinks and Maria Down Under for some beautiful pincushions.

But it’s always nice to make your own.

Spincushion has a tutorial for a delightful pincushion frame that you can definitely make in a short time. It would make a great little gift for a sewing-minded friend. I like how you can definitely tailor it to suit any personality or preference.

Tipjunkie has a nice roundup of 21 pincushions to make – all shapes, sizes and uses.



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