Better: Eating Habits

cupcake saucersI need to improve my relationship with food.  Right now we are co-dependent and dysfunctional. The problem is I pretty much like everything about food – I like to smell it, read about it, see pictures of it, talk about it and, of course, eat it. It has not been treating me well. Lately I’ve turned up with dye allergies and an intolerance for lactose (which is just about killing me, btw!) I’ve decided to treat it as though my body is giving me a warning sign about what will eventually get me sicker than I ever planned to be in my old age.

There’s a ton of diets out there, but I don’t want a diet. Mainly because they don’t work. Ever noticed the bottom of those weight loss commercials where women are dancing and laughing because they lost 80 pounds on Jenny or Medi-Fast or Weight Watchers? That fine print is always the same: “Results not typical.” What that means to me is that a diet plan will work for a bit, but if you want a major, permanent change, you’ve got to do the work upstairs first. Unfortunately.

I’ve been working out for a year now and my pants are big, I’m fitting into 1-2 sizes smaller, but I’ve only lost six pounds! Ask for advice and it’s crazy the amount of conflicting ideas there are out there. I’ve been told to increase my cardio, my protein, my weights. I’ve tried to lower the carbs, exchange the bad fats for good, Cut out fruit. Add more fruit. Work out more. Work out less. Eat several small meals per day. Eat two good sized meals per day and a snack. Eat more nuts and legumes and fiber. Drink more water.  The list goes on. Still – six stupid pounds.

What I’ve decided is that we are all unique. My body has signaled to me that it doesn’t like processed foods, artificial colors and milk sugar. Your body may not like chocolate or peanuts. What I think this means is that we all process food differently. If a paleo based diet works for you, that doesn’t mean it will work for me.  The best thing I can do to capitalize this journey is to learn to read my body signals. I’m going through a trial and error process.

So far I’ve learned if I have a big, protein filled, low sugar breakfast I will not be hungry until lunchtime. I started by having oatmeal with peanut butter (the good kind, not the delicious kind with the preservatives and sugar) and apples. It’s the rolled oats variety. I make a big bowl in the microwave in the morning and it is rib-sticking good.  Sometimes I’ll add a little apple butter for sweetness. I’ve also had a sprouted wheat bagel with peanut butter and slices of fruit.  This all carries me through to lunch. However, this week I’ve been putting homemade jam on my morning bagel (with the PB, too!) and I notice I snack more. On the weekends I don’t worry overmuch about breakfast. I don’t want to turn into one of those people who is constantly aware of every calorie they ingest. My apologies, if you are that sort of person, but truthfully, it’s absolutely annoying. I dated a guy who was all, “150 calories in that bread. 400 calories in that sandwich.” It was like going out with a less exciting version of my doctor.

When did we get to be the type of people who let others dictate what we should eat and how we should maintain our weight? When did we lose our good common sense? We should know what foods are good for us and what foods are bad and we should be able to eat what we want as long as it is for the right reason and we maintain self-control.

Today I will listen to my body. I do not have to eat until I am full. I will learn moderation.


3 thoughts on “Better: Eating Habits

  1. I was just going to say – everything in moderation . When I first started eating brown rice , I would eat pounds of it. My logic was it’s suppose to be healthy , so I can devour it up…boy was I wrong! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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