Styled Magazine

I love online magazines. Not the ones you have to pay for, but the independents. The ones that do what they do just because they love doing it.  I’ve recently come across Styled magazine which grew out of the blog A Subtle Revelry. I like its gentler approach to celebration – not a bunch of hoopla, flash and dash that leaves you too tired to enjoy the party. I don’t have children but whenever I see those children’s theme parties on blogs I always wonder if the mom is drinking in a closet somewhere and she hired someone to take the photos. I mean, sure, it looks great to have the cloned blonde ponies wearing vintage saddles and the children look adorable in their costumes re-created from the opera Pagliacci, and wow! Are those cupcakes topped with gold leaf and bunches of champagne grapes flown in from France?! It’s just too much pressure – I think these moms are working themselves to an early Prozac habit.

Styled celebrates the celebration – you know, the reason for the party. With you, the planner, actually getting to participate. The articles are short and the photos are plentiful. Just the way I like.

The 2.2.12 issue had me thinking about celebration. A theme party is nice and you want your guests to feel special and welcome, but you don’t want your event to turn into a spectacle where it’s all about everything you’ve done instead of bringing together a group of people for a fun time. It can be a fine line, especially if you’re nervous and are the type to worry about having the wrong napkins or burning the dessert.

The last time I had a large group of people at my house it was for a progressive dinner party for Valentine’s Day.  Mine was the starter course.  I forget what I had, but it seemed to go well. I do remember I got to use the big, round bright green pitcher I’ve since sold at a yard sale. I was pleased at that. I had to be creative and figure out how to get 20+ people in my 626 square feet of luxurious living space. The whole event let me know I can host a party in my house, have plenty of seating and I can still have fun and enjoy my guests.

Check out Styled and check out A Subtle Revelry. Both are chock full of ideas and sweet advice for celebrating in a simple, yet extraordinary way.


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