Handbag Quest

I’ve been tempted to buy a new handbag. For some reason, the perfect handbag is an elusive beast. I guess you can never know when you are in the store unless you empty your current purse of belongings and stuff them in the contender then walk around for a bit waiting for the opportunity to find your phone, keys, tissue or lip balm in 5 seconds or less.  Stores tend to frown upon the testing of their products in such a fashion.

Features I want: an outside pocket that can be secured. An inside pocket. Room for a book, some knitting and my wallet (which changes sizes regularly). A place that is super accessible for a lip balm or two. Features I don’t want: chains, superfluous pockets, tassels, heavy findings – all things which serve to make the purse heavier than it ought to be. Trust me, I’ll make it heavy enough!

I talked myself out of spending $30 (who am I? A Rockefeller?!) on an okay looking bag at Target by reminding myself that I can make a mighty fine handbag.  So I’ve been combing the internetz for styles and patterns. Boy! There’s a lot to choose from!

The Market Tote from Sew 4 Home is one of the first ones I’ve considered. My variation would likely be less deep and feature a wide outer pocket with a snap or button.  And I’d lose the ribbon. Incorporate a loop closure, I think.  We’ll see if this becomes the dream bag. So many others to look through!


One thought on “Handbag Quest

  1. I just signed up to follow your blog, and I think it’s awesome! I was honored to be awarded the Liebster Blog Award and would now like to pass it on to you. : )

    Keep blogging!

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