Off the Wagon (observations)

I’ve been eating badly for about the past month. Lots of things I have been trying very hard to avoid. I’ve given myself a bit of grace about it – I was working through a lot, plus I never stopped working out. However, what I have noticed is quite eye-opening. How ever did I function when I was eating this way ALL the time?! I’m tired, listless, my stomach hurts most days and my skin looks bad.  This is the catalyst to reform. I’ll get back on track and continue to move forward, but I think it’s interesting that sometimes you don’t know how bad you feel until you can compare it to feeling better.

Another observation is, although I’ve stepped up my workouts in an attempt to boost the weight loss, it hasn’t been enough to offset the bad diet.  I have less stamina. Yoga is more difficult. I get tired a half hour into Zumba.  My previous thing was that I could eat just about whatever I wanted and, as long as I exercised regularly, I could lose weight. Yeah, we call that our 20s.  Now I need to be more observant; more deliberate. And it’s a pain in the tuckus.

So. Back to veggies and brown rice. Back to oatmeal. Back to non-fat yogurt and fruit. Back to treats on the weekends only. Back to


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