Back in the Day

Bought a new cookbook a couple of weeks ago.  This is how it can be dangerous to own a smart phone.  I went on Amazon to order a sock knitting book (that’s a post for another day) and the way they get you is with that $25 free shipping.  I needed $8 more to make it to $25.  It was late. I was in bed. The screen is small.  I got tired of scrolling through pages of recommended items looking for an appropriately priced item and just ordered whatever was #1 on my wishlist.  I was so tired, I wasn’t even sure what I was gonna get!

The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook was a pleasant surprise.  It’s a modern throwback. Lots of delicious looking recipes with (my favorite) little intros to each dish.  I like a little story with my recipes. This bakery looks like a great hangout – a lot of the photos are taken there with their collections of vintage cookware. The Days seem like fun people, too. Ones you’d want to invite to every cocktail party, but maybe that’s just the cuteness factor of the two of them on the cover.

I’ve so far just read the thing as a novel. Haven’t decided what I’m cooking yet. I’ll be sure to share here when I do.


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