Making Room for What You Love

It being Unitasker Wednesday, I popped over to the Unclutterer for my weekly eyeroll and the items for sale that will supposedly make my life simpler. Today’s pizza-shaped pizza plates certainly did not disappoint. Dishes being one of my particular weaknesses, I can pretty much talk myself into any kind of dishware that I find appealing. My rationale is usually that I don’t need a whole set – just one or two plates. I can quit any time I want to, honest.

I have a beautiful set of postmodern Mikasa that was my mom’s wedding china. I love the pattern on it. I use it regularly. I think there is a near complete setting for eight. The set I’ve bought for myself is Fiestaware. When I moved in to my latest apartment I thought it was finally time to get rid of the chipped stuff I’d been carting around since my first apartment. I think I got it at Cost Plus and paid an unheard of $19.99 for a set of four.  By this time I was down to one cup, about three plates, no bowls and three saucers.  I started buying a set of Fiestaware whenever it was on sale. I would buy whichever color I found the most interesting at that particular time. I now have a full of six and assorted bowls, dessert plates and varying styles of mugs.  Collections that grow organically like this interest me the most. Plus, Fiestaware usually puts out one or two limited edition colors that I may want to acquire.

I wish I could find a link to the Mikasa pattern, but I can’t remember the name and have already drooled over too much china today.

Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yes. Unitasker Wednesday. The Unclutterer highlights these one function pieces that are made to appeal, but really only have one single function. Sure, pizza-shaped, pizza-emblazoned pizza plates might be fun, but when you really look closely at it, aren’t there better things you could spend that money on? This has been a lesson that has taken a long time for me to understand. My compulsive tendencies convince me quite easily that I need something external to be satisfied.  If I’m not buying dishes (or paper),  I could be eating. Or cooking. Or watching TV. Or playing games.

As I’m working through this process of why I do the things I do, I find that I’m most fighting preconceived images that are not necessarily correct.  This brings me to the video.

I’m not saying that Anna Della Russo lives in my dream home – far from it – I find it overwhelming and oppressive. However, I was only seeing myself as getting rid of things because I had too much and not as a way to truly appreciate the items I want to keep.  Clearly Della Russo loves her accessories. And her animal prints – did you see that wall?! She has a very organized home but it’s filled with tchotchkes and color and pattern. She moves easily in her environment. Everywhere she looks is something she adores. Her closet appears to be of a similar size to mine, perhaps a wee bit larger, but it probably doesn’t have clothes she’ll never wear again like mine does. I guessed what I learned here, is having a lot of stuff isn’t necessarily the issue. The issue is enjoying what you have and not hanging on to things that have no meaning to you.  I don’t have to get rid of all my dishes. I should just say goodbye to the ones I don’t really like. That’s not too hard, is it?


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