I’ve been away a long while. It was intentional, not neglectful. I lost my very bestest friend to cancer in January and needed to give myself time to be still and mourn. I thought I had already done all my crying, but that’s the thing about losing a friend. It seems there are so many interwoven lifestrings that bound you in friendship over the years, that you realize they are everywhere. You drink out of a glass she gave you, hang the Christmas ornament she made or even wear the underwear she went out and purchased for you because you were a little remiss in your packing that one time you went for a visit.

Families mesh in a different way than friends.  Friendship is deeper and more pure, I think. Your family has to love you if it is decently functional. A friend can always walk away when times get tough.

Anyway, that’s a lot to say that I just needed not to produce for a while. I needed to watch a lot of television (whole seasons of Buffy, Angel, Downton Abbey, Futurama) and eat and enjoy the company of “new” friends while I adjusted to life without my best.

New posts will be sporadic in the holiday season and resume again regularly in the new year. Until then, be good to yourself, okay?