Me and Billy Joel – Moving Out

IMG_1855A while ago I said I was sitting on an announcement. It’s a big, LIFE-CHANGING thing. One I’m just now facing up to.

I’m moving to Georgia this winter after 38 years in southern California. I don’t know how I will adjust, but I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude. The biggest fear is losing my support network of great friends. While I’m secure that I will make friends in my new state, I’m not completely confident I will make FRIENDS – you know what I mean?

I currently have the very best friends God can grant a person. Friends I can call when men are stupid. Friends who will bring me juice and cough drops when I am sick. Friends who will not hesitate to jump in the car and head to beach to watch the sunset. Friends who will say, “don’t wear that again, okay?” with just the right gentleness and humor that I’m not offended. And we’re all walking through this life together and have been for 20-30 years! They’ve taught me so much and I hope I’ve been at least a quarter supportive as they have been of me. Consequently, I’m not really keen on walking through the awkward friendship stages again to get to something real. Starting over when you’ve already achieved the pinnacle of friendship perfection is nothing to look forward to. Why can’t I just take all my friends with me?!!

Still, I believe the move is for the best and I believe it is what God wants of me. Although today, at 72 or so days away, I’m more than feeling the stress of everything. And I’ve realized, more than ever before, that my response to stress is either exercise, eating or shopping. I am currently not exercising because I’ve injured my back – that’s only for this week, but still I’m feeling antsy. I’m eating stuff that makes me feel like crap (I ate chicken nuggets yesterday! Chicken nuggets!!) and while my “shopping” is so low-key it’s almost negligible, now that I CAN’T buy anything, I WANT to. I mean, I have Amazon Prime, y’all. Buying moving supplies isn’t quite cutting it. So there’s a lot of reading, Netflix-ing and playing of Candy Crush going on to keep me balanced.

Things to look forward to are being close to family again. It’s been 38 years since I’ve been in shouting distance of cousins and aunties – that will probably be the biggest change. I’m also looking forward to exploring a new city, albeit one without decent Mexican food.  Finding my new favorite places will be adventure enough to keep me from missing San Diego for a long while. My social life will probably slow waaay down and that will give me time to write. It will be easier to take weekend trips to other states. Here, I drive 12 hours north and I’m still in California. There, 12 hours in a northerly direction lands me in New York with about 97 states in between. Rain. I’m looking forward to regular rain.

The biggest challenge will be living with someone else – namely my mother. We are such two totally different people that it’s going to be quite an exercise in patience for both of us. I like having my space and my privacy and the option to not talk to anyone if I don’t want to. If I want to watch 6 straight hours of Buffy there is no one around to judge me now. Mom likes to call me to the kitchen to point at the bowl I neglected to soak. It’ll be an adjustment and I’m aiming for a year before I find my own place. Preferably downtown. I’ve always wanted to live in a city (above a shop!) and hopefully this will be my opportunity.

We are taking it one day at a time.


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