Book Challenge for Non-Readers (BCN) 2016!

HAPPY 2016!

So, I’ve finally settled on the titles for the year. Oh. My. Word! Such a drama over here at Chateau Bean! But I’m happy with the choices. Most of the books on the list are easily available on Amazon (these are affiliate links below) or at the library. I’ll talk about options for each title as they come up.

A couple of the months show 3 choices. The third is the book I really wanted to include but had trouble locating easily available sources. You can choose either of the three on those months.

Consider this a book challenge if you want to read more OR a book challenge if you want to read other genres. I look forward to both sharing my favorite books and discovering new favorites. Let’s go!

January – Banned Books

February – Science Fiction

March – Epistolary

April – Humor

May – Non-Fiction

June – Fantasy

July – Memoir

August – Young Adult (YA)

September – Classic Literature

October – Self Help

November – Literary Fiction

December – Graphic Novel

Happy reading!


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