Single Room Living

There is something very freeing about moving. Well, not the act of moving. That’s as rotten as a bucket of fish in day-old mayonnaise left in the sun. But leaving all the things behind is a breath of fresh air, even if it is a little like Sophie’s Choice when we’re in the moment.

Currently I am living in one bedroom of a four bedroom house with my mother. Most of my belongings are stacked in the garage. On the one hand I am without the things that make me feel like me – namely my art and crafts supplies. On the other hand I have a very tidy room with a lot of space and just a little beyond the bare essentials. I am currently unburdened by STUFF (as long as I avoid the garage!) and most times I find it appealing. The other bit of the time it’s frustrating – not knowing where things are, trying to make do with substitutes, missing the things that provide you with happy memories and comfort.

There’s also the time aspect. It takes a lot of time to get settled in. Two months later and I still have boxes to unpack. I hate living out of boxes or suitcases. Every time I travel, even if it is only for a weekend, I will unpack my luggage and fold all my clothes nicely in a drawer. So I’m trying to make do with what I have. For intents and purposes, it looks nice and let’s get serious for a minute – it’s not like I have to sleep on the street or anything. Still, a bed skirt and a bookshelf or two would go a long way.


It may not be home, but I’m trying to at least make it home-ish. Maybe a nice dry bar?


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