Let’s Discuss! Book Club for Non-Readers

So, the titles for February were Ready Player One and Darwin Elevator. Science Fiction. I hope you liked your choice.


I love both of these titles soooo much and I chose them because they are so visual – they both read like movies. Either could be a movie. In fact, Ready Player One has already been optioned. Darwin Elevator is such an action adventure story I can’t help but imagine it on a big screen.

What were your impressions about the book?

Did you know the difference between fantasy and science fiction? Science fiction is based on reality – I mean, real world stuff. Natural laws apply. So while Star Trek can take place in the future, they still have to deal with gravity and propulsion in a real world way. There can be aliens, but their existence still has to follow natural laws.

Fantasy can include magic beans, talking dogs and doesn’t have to adhere to the laws of physics. People can fly, shapeshift or live in pickle jars and it’s all “normal”.

If you read Darwin Elevator, did you know anything about space elevators before you read the book? I did not and now I’m completely fascinated by the idea. I mean, how does a cable stretch all the way into space and have the strength to ferry up capsules to the top?

Ready Player One offers up such a dim view of our future – out of fossil fuels, humans completely checked out in favor of virtual lives, the real world run by evil conglomerates. It’s not too hard to conceive, is it? I’m not a gamer at all, but I was really attracted to the idea of living in the virtual world of my choice like a “living” Sim. Personally, I’d pick a world that was Kardashien free. Like, so free no one carrying their DNA could access it. Aaah! Sweet freedom!

If you found the books difficult to read, what was it that made it so? Was it the jargon? Sometimes that gets me, too. Ive given myself permission to skip over those bits if I start to get bored with it. Most times it doesn’t effect the story, but if it does I can also pop back a few pages for clarification.

Leave your impressions in the comments!

March features my favorite format: epistolary. We’ll talk more about that next week!


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