What Makes a Fashion Blog Fashion-y?

There are a few fashion blogs listed in my Blogroll on the right. I’m very particular about what constitutes a fashion blog. A lot of people with blogs just shop a lot and always have new clothes to wear. I don’t think that makes them a fashionista. It makes them a shopanista, really.  I mean, I would look totally current all the time if I spent all my time and money purchasing new clothes.

What I look for in a fashion blog is a new perspective on fashion. A good understanding of fashion history and a unique, personal perspective on how to wear clothes is exciting and fun to read about. People who dress against trends are always exciting. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of repetition: skinny jeans or flared skirt paired with a loose pullover top or a fitted button down, ballet flats or super high stilettos and a statement bag. The colors change but the basic idea is still the same.

Admittedly, I like a little more vintage than the average person, but that’s not what it takes to draw me in.

Two new fashion blogs for me are:


A Curious Fancy

They’re a lot of fun and very unique. I think fashion sense should reflect both who you are inside and who you want to be. The who you want to be is more of a interior expression – not “I want to be Taylor Swift” or something like that. For that reason, Advanced Style is my most favorite fashion blog. The thing about owning your body for a long period of time is that you know it well – what makes it happy and what makes it sing. Your clothes tell stories – about you, about the places you’ve been, about your life. You’re 80 years old walking down the street in a Chanel sweater, paper bag trousers and flowered Docs – you’re doing it for yourself, not because you give a flying you-know-what about what anyone else thinks. Something I aspire to.