Subscription Boxes?

I think the first subscription box I heard of was a makeup thing of some kind. It sounded fun but experience in being a person of color has taught me that makeup chosen for a “wide range” of skin tones usually gives me one usable item for every 7.

There’s so many subscription boxes now that it has me toying with the idea of starting my own subscription service. Whatever interest you have there’s a box for it. I’ve collected a listing here for my own amusement, but thought I’d share it in case any one else was interested.


Firefly Loot Crate for fans of the cancelled-too-soon-please-bring-it-back space western. Haven’t seen it? Please treat yourself on Netflix!

Ramen Box – Oh ramen, I do love you. You’re the perfect comfort food. Get new flavors and brands delivered to you on a regular basis.

Fanspirations Potterhead Subscription Box – Harry Potter fans will love this subscription service.

Foot Cardigan – socks!! Lots of novelty socks. Great for anyone who loves socks.

Hip Kit Club – scrapbook papers, stickers and exceptional paper goodness.

The Sweet Pea Post – I think this is the one I’ll be going for. The major theme is cute. I’m a complete sucker for cute.

Opulent Box – Just what is sounds like. If you have tens of thousands of dollars to blow monthly, are a distant relation to Thurston and Lovey Howell and like pretty baubles this is the list for you.

Petit Vour – Vegan beauty box. The brands look pretty cool and interesting – not your run of the mill stuff you get from the store. At least not any store I’ve been to.

Fan Mail – geeky fan girls get their own boxes! This is probably my second choice of boxes. And it’s not just Harry Potter/Star Wars/Doctor Who goods. There’s Shaun of the Dead, the Guild, Game of Thrones and tons more.

Olfactif – Niche perfume. If I had a bunch of perfume loving girlfriends I would totally subscribe to this box and use give the bottles away as gifts. Like Petit Vour, these are not run of the mill, shop at Macy’s get a free keychain, type products.

STEM Discovery Boxes – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math monthly subscriptions for 7-12 year olds. If you’ve got a kid who is interested in all thing science, this would be an exciting delivery.

Have you subscribed to a box service? What has been your experience? Is there a service you think I should know about? Let’s discuss!


Etsy Shop: Grace Gallery

Today’s featured Etsy shop is Grace Gallery. I stumbled across this incredible giclee – “The Inside Joke”. If you look at it long enough, you just start laughing too!

from Grace Gallery, Mesa, AZ

There are a number of other pieces that are equally lovely and intriguing. Check these out


I love the facial expressions!

Take a closer look at the kid in the very front of Mass Transit. Don’t you know that kid?

The bubbles in The Plunge are both lifelike and larger than life. How do you do that?

The Mali Girl at the end has such a winsome smile!

Go on! Visit the shop! Get lost in it!

Circles and Squares

I love a unique tee. Many a time you walk around and you know what’s coming at you from a mile away, because tee-shirts are standard and you see them everywhere. I first saw Circles and Squares at a local farmer’s market in San Diego and bought a long-sleeved tee. It’s very soft and comfy and I love wearing it. Now there are some new designs out.

This one totally screams, “SUMMER!”

Summertime Scoop Neck Tee from Circles & Squares