Treasury Teams – The Funny Ha Ha Team

I started the Funny Ha Ha Team on Etsy because those are my favorite treasuries. I like the goofy, the absurd, the laugh-out-loud funny. The treasuries that usually make it to the front page of the Etsy site are usually similar in nature. That’s nice and all, but it shouldn’t be everything, right? I’ve been having a great time with my teamies coming up with all sorts of fun treasuries.  Here’s one of mine:


















I’ll showcase some members of the team hear at a later date. Once I get more rolling. But if you want to take a look at some of our awesome treasuries, here’s the link!


DIY – Patterns on Etsy

Great patterns from talented Etsians!

There are so many cool patterns on Etsy! I can’t believe the variety. Anything you wanna DIY is there. The best thing is that these are often patterns from really talented artists that you don’t normally see in the magazines or on television. Thought I’d showcase some of the delectable choices I’ve stumbled across. Enjoy!


















Taste Test

Didn’t want to post two treasury posts in a row, but was so excited with the results of using the Etsy Taste Test prototype, that I had to share. You get to choose a few items from a random listing that you like and then the Etsy tool gives you a list of items that you might like.  I picked the moon/tree scape, the bee flask, the wooden bench and Whiskey is Food along with others that aren’t featured in this treasury and was very pleased with the results. Also got a scad-bunch of new favorites.

The Treasury Maker add-on from Shmetsy doesn’t work with it, however, but that was an easy enough work-around.  The whole process took about 10 minutes, if that.

‘Taste Test, Test Tasted’ 

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Handmade is Awesome!

New Year, new blog. This is just to showcase some of the cool handmade items I’ve found and support the artists that are out there just doing what they do. It will most likely be Etsy that I refer to, as that is where I am most often. However, I do have a trick or two up my sleeve for the future….

Today’s feature is a treasury I made with a green (color, not lifestyle) theme. Enjoy!

‘Gimme Some Green!!’

Peppermint Soap mad…


Green Sea Glass and…


Mini Notecards – Se…


Miniature Painting …


Hand Carved Cello a…


Antique Girl Scout …


Etsy Find- Kelly Gr…


Coffee Cozy Sleeve …


Thank You cards: Te…


Lidded Jar – Rainfo…


Salad Baby Blankey …


The Oak King – Gree…


Embroidered Wood Ch…


Insulated Lunch Bag…


Men’s Tie – Pop…


Teapot Lamp, Green …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.