Major Life Change = Major Loss of Mojo

Had my first move-related meltdown this weekend. I’m so tired of talking about moving ALL THE TIME! It takes up way to much real estate in my head and I would rather my brain be filled with much more exciting stuff. Moving is BORING! And constantly being pigeon-holed in the same repeating conversation is boring and stressful.IMG_5203Anyway, I had the first real glimpse of what leaving my support network is going to be like. You know how awesome it is when your friends get you? How truly, really awesome? Like when you say you’re feeling fine and your friend sees past your BS and takes you to Chick-fil-A for not one, but two frozen lemonades without mentioning once that really, a shower wouldn’t have been remiss? Well imagine kicking all that to the curb and venturing out all naked like a newborn baby into the unknown and see what kind of twitches you develop.

So what are good coping mechanisms for dealing with great changes? Here’s my list so far:

  • Pack during the week and leave the weekends for fun.
  • Binge-watching isn’t as restorative as reading. Unless you’re binge-watching includes Joe Manganiello. He’s completely restorative. Otherwise keep the TV to a minimum and up the reading.
  • Make a list of all the things you want to do before you move. Do them.
  • Start checking out your new town for things to do and see. Check out some Meet-up groups and try to find your potential tribe.
  • Mine people for data about your new city.
  • Find something about your new city that will remind you of home.
  • Try to stop referring to your old city as home in blog posts where your apprehension will live forever.
  • Just for kicks and giggles maybe find some potential counselors so you don’t spend your first year holed up under the bed.
  • Journal, write, blog, talk. Then put it away.

I’d be interested in hearing your ideas!